Tadalis SX (Tadalafil)

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Description. Tadalis is the exact analog of Cialis, one of the leading drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is identical to the original, and the effectiveness of all the properties are the same. The active ingredient of the drug is Tadalafil. Its work lasts for up to 36 hours. So, you can buy Tadalis online before the romantic weekend and still need only one pill. Additionally, Tadalis is fully compatible with food and small doses of alcohol. This gives it additional benefits in such situations, when the pleasure of delicious food and excellent wine gently switches to sexual pleasure. The action begins in 30 minutes after taking the medication. Taking it more often than once in 24 hours is impossible. It is noteworthy that, due to Tadalis, excellent results achieved with any severity of the violation of sexual health and any reasons for their occurrence. Before you buy Tadalis online without prescription, familiarize yourself with the instructions and consult with a doctor. He will analyze all the contraindications and select the optimal dosage.

Tadalafil stimulates only the natural processes occurring in the body during sexual intercourse, without replacing them. In order the patient gets a powerful and prolonged erection, it relaxes smooth muscles of the penis, expands its vessels, increases blood circulation in the genital organs. As a result, the blood actively fills penis. To hold the erection for a longer time, Tadalafil slows down the body’s production of a substance called PDE-5. That it stimulates blood flow and penis returns to its normal flaccid state. In men, who buy Tadalis online, sexual intercourse becomes high-quality and long, orgasm lasts longer, and men’s sexual power is back faster.

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Dosage. If you buy Tadalis online having a prescription from your doctor, make sure to follow the schedule as carefully as it is possible. Doctor takes into account all the factors of your age, gender, state of health, body type, and allergies to other medication. If you feel like changing the dose, talk to your doctor before doing so.

Swallow the whole tablet without chewing, crushing or splitting it. Drink it down with a glass of water. Take the pill of Tadalis one hour before starting sexual activities. Do not buy Tadalis online without prescription for regular use unless your doctor advises it. Remember that Tadalis is a contributor to physical ability of achieving an erection. Sexual stimulation is still a necessity.

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