Ventolin HFA (Albuterol)

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Brand Names: Ventolin HFA (Albuterol)

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Description. Ventolin is a widespread drug with albuterol as the main ingredient. It is prescribed for the treatment of bronchospasm in patients suffering from reversible obstructive airway disease. This bronchodilator helps air to flow to the lung tissue by relaxing the muscles in respiratory tract and bronchi. Patients also buy Ventolin online as an inhaled drug to prevent asthma attacks or bronchospasm due to exertion.

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Information. Once you are prescribed Ventolin, make sure you always have it on you. Control it in order not to run dry and have additional one in case of emergency. If you buy Ventolin online without prescription but it does not work as it is supposed to, tell your physician immediately for another recommendation. If you think that the dose you take is unsufficient, tell your doctor.

Be careful with your Ventolin dispenser, do not expose it to direct sunlight, heat or open flames. This might lead to explosion and cause some serious injuries.

Attentively read the instruction before using the medication. If you buy Ventolin online, read the list of ingredients and do not take the drug if you have allergies to any of them. Also, do not forget to tell your doctor in case you have the following conditions or a family history of them:

  •         heart disease
  •         diabetes
  •         high blood pressure
  •         arrhythmia
  •         heart failure
  •         epilepsy
  •         overactive thyroid gland.

In case of these problems, Ventolin might be not suitable for you. The effect of Ventolin on unborn child is unknown. If you need Ventolin while carrying a child or plan on pregnancy, consult with your doctor, before you buy Ventolin online. During the breastfeeding period, women are also required to stop taking Ventolin.

Take the medication following the rules of safety. Even if you buy Ventolin online without prescription, follow the advice of your doctor. Keep to the schedule as close, as possible. Do not use the inhaler in larger or smaller amounts. Do not change the schedule of drug taking yourself. This can influence its effectiveness and lead to occur of side effects.

How to use Ventolin inhaler properly:

Step 1. Shake the device.

Step 2. Uncap it, exhale completely, close your lips around the mouthpiece.

Step 3. Gently inhale when pressing the canister down.

Step 4. Hold your breath in for 10 seconds.

In case your dosage is more than 1 spray, wait for at least a minute before having the next spray. Do not forget to shake the inhaler of Ventolin before the next spray.

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