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Description. Xenical is prescribed for the treatment of weight loss. Patients buy Xenical online for its ability to target fat absorption. It does not reduce the appetite but blocks the fats and allows 30% of the fat from a meal to pass through the body, undigested, through the gut. Xenical 120mg contributes to reducing and maintaining weight and decrease the possibility of weight gain. People buy Xenical online without prescription for long term use (approx 1-2 years).

One of the actions of Xenical is suppression of gastrointestinal lipases. The presence of lipases in the gastrointestinal tract is necessary for the manifestation of the effect of Xenical. Since the secretion of lipase is stimulated by the presence of food in the gastrointestinal tract, Xenical should be taken with food. Several studies have shown that the pharmacological activity of Xenical does not change, if taken within 1 hour after ingestion. In addition, people buy Xenical online because after the lifting of Xenical intake of fat food quickly returned to normal, and the adverse effects from the gastrointestinal tract caused by the pharmacological effect of the drug are disappearing.

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The tolerability associated with the mechanism of drug action is another advantage of the drug and the reason why patients buy Xenical online without prescription instead of other drugs. Tolerability of Xenical is related to its mechanism of action. Several studies have found that the fat content in food is directly related to the frequency and severity of adverse events associated with the gastrointestinal tract while taking each dose of Xenical. By increasing the fat content in the total fat food outputted from the stool, increases. However, the amount of fat in the feces as a percentage of fat food does not change and is about 30%.

Lipid-lowering effect of Xenical is also a beneficial issue and reason why you might want to buy Xenical online. In addition to reducing the level of lipids in the blood, which can be expected from the reduction of body weight per se, Xenical has its own additional positive effect on hyperlipidemia. Cholesterol is poorly soluble in solutions of bile salts. Its solubility increases in direct proportion to the number of present free fatty acids and monoglycerides. Suppressing gastrointestinal lipase Orlistat reduces the amount of free fatty acids and monoglycerides in the intestinal lumen and thus reducing the solubility and subsequent absorption of cholesterol. Moreover, the purpose of Xenical results in a non-physiological not absorbed suspension of fat in the gut lumen. Consequently, cholesterol absorption such nonpolar lipids decreases.

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