Zithromax (Azithromycin)

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Brand Names: Zithromax (Azithromycin)

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Description. Zithromax is an antibiotic medication used for fighting different bacterial infections. You can buy Zithromax online to treat such problems as respiratory infections or sexually transmitted diseases. The mechanism of its work is same as in other antibiotics. It destroys the bacteria growth in the body, thus preventing its spread. Taking Zithromax helps patients to prevent the development of infection into a severe condition. Note that this drug is not effective for treating viral diseases.

Zithromax cures a variety of bacterial infections. It is used as a treatment for ear infections, skin infections, respiratory infections as well as some types of sexually transmitted illnesses. Consult with your doctor about all the benefits of the drug before you buy Zithromax online without prescription.

Dosage. The usual schedule of taking this medication is one pill a day during a month of treatment period. Consummation of food does not influence effect of the drug. In case you experience a mild stomach upset or other unpleasant feelings, it is better to take the drug during the meal. In other cases just rinse it with a glass of water. Initial dosage can be changed according to your body type and personal condition. Even if you buy Zithromax online, make these changes only after consulting with your doctor. Carefully follow the prescription of your doctor and do not stop taking pills until your physician gives you the permission even if you feel fine.

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Possible Side Effects. Following the correct instructions, side effects are unlikely to occur. But you should be aware of them if you buy Zithromax online without prescription. If you experience any of the following, contact your doctor as soon as possible:

  •         Strong skin reactions
  •         Extreme stomach pain
  •         Pounding heartbeats
  •         Liver problems
  •         Severe headaches
  •         Extreme dizziness

Remember that premature stop of taking medication can influence the infection and it returns once more. Also, it can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and lead to the reduce the effectiveness of Zithromax. After the treatment period, get tested to the bacteria in your body. You can buy Zithromax online in order to get a cheaper price than one in the pharmacy. If you are currently taking any medications containing aluminum or magnesium, consult with you doctor in order to sort your schedule. Reaction of these drugs with Zithromax can cause a negative chemical reaction.

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